Sanusi Yahaya

Sanusi Yahaya is a Human resource Strategist who works with Nile University of Nigeria, under the Honoris United Universities.

Born in the late 70s, he is of the 1998 set, currently serving as the Chairman Audit Committee and also the Advisory council 1.

He has also worked for Ash-com energy service as Regional Marketing manager for north east. This has afforded Sanusi the knowledge to initiate and accomplish business negotiation, conversions, and interviews with big clients. But what makes Sanusi successful isn’t the mastery of marketing flavors, but how well he makes a connection with his clients.

He also has a good communication skill. All of Sanusi’s efforts and successes have landed him coverage both in HR and Marketing.


He graduated from the University of Maiduguri with a Bachelor’ of Art degree in Arabic, A diploma in Computer Science, Certification in Human Resource management ( Piston and Fusion London) He has more than 4 years of experience as a strategist for online marketing, specializing in extensive sales training or enablement, project leadership, and digital marketing.

Sanusi Yahaya also conduct interviews and recruitment as consultant for companies and even government agencies.

 Sanusi has serve as a team lead that developed, and facilitated the training of over 40 personnel of the Tiax Law firm (Thailand) under the supervision of Professor I Keles.

Sanusi aided in developing and conducting a webinar for training and sensitization of the general public during the Covid 19 pandemic.

His experience extends to programming and IT, he is also the coordinator of the Nile University e-library. A world class library with international standard.

Sanusi has attended over 20 international conferences within and outside Africa

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