Dr. Cletus A Owuze

Mr. Cletus as he was known them to pssmx,  was employed by the force Education unit, in 1994, and was post to minna to arrest the acute shortage mathematics teachers for the young pssmx whose pioneering students was about transcending into senior secondary schl. With the like mind of then DSP Yakubu Usman now retired DIG, a worker oleic believes in the trace of high discipline and committed achievement in me. The focus was ensure pssmx turns the best in Nigeria post pry schl. To ensure that the students come out by achieving 100% in national/international examination. Ensure that the students are all round disciplined. Etc. My first target was to ensure that the students have strong analytical mind, disciplined culture, time culture, etc. The introduction of Additional(further) maths to all students irrespective of their course of study, science, art, commercial and social classes. This is broaden the students horizon.

 To ensure this is attained the 24hours of the day is assumed to be working hours, hence my maths class start at 0530hrs and late coming attract some few stroke of koboko, ask Mr Yohana mutua, Asp. retired the meaning of koboko. On disciplinary issue, students are not spared, hence all staff of this period brackets tends to upgrade their discipline. Though part of the committee 5 pioneer students about writing WAEC were expelled. I accommodated them to ensure they are remolded, and to face the external exam and pass. To the glory of God they were part of successful students in our first set. PSSMX external exam made us all. The results pushed all Nigerian parents to relocate the children/ward to minna. Although I loved the students but was hard a bit to ensure sound outcome. I coordinate the final year exam of our pioneers, with other committee members, and few provost. The committee was joint one including the commandant, the bursar Mr Busari ( Sp.) Mutua.and few other. The WAEC boss from Ghana remarked on her visit to Nigeria and minna PSS. Exam, said this is the most disciplined exam centre she has ever seen in the WAEC conducted examination.
The WAEC branch officer then was always on ground as well as his other staff.
My teaching maths was rewarding as some of my students won Laurel and pssmx was outstanding in national mathematics competition. I took interest in all schl extra curricula activities, ensuring all students are God fearing, on Friday any Muslim student that did not part took in the MSS meeting, shall not miss my cane on Monday, so goes for the Christian group. The resultant effect of this action was total pragmatic love among the students. To the glory of God the disciplined minded students are now captains of industry etc. Am proud of our great pssmx. As our actions of old is now a source of Joy to the NPF.
Mr. Cletus is now,
Dr. Cletus A Owuze(JP), Ph.D, (Mgt), M.Ed.(Mgt). MBA, B.Sc.(Ed)maths. B.Sc.( Econ.). FCIN, FCIAN, FIIA, FIPMD, MNIM, MRBA(NY-USA)(HOD)Bus. Admin. Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo state Nigeria. state of origin. EDO state, owan-west LGA. Town- Sobe. Interest- Youth Development.

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Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
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