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Step 5. Navigate to Superfetch and double-click it. Step 7. Click the Apply and the OK button. Disable HomeGroup Services The HomeGroup services also affect the feature of the hard drive and the running speed of the system. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 of Way 1 above. Modify the Virtual Memory Value Virtual memory can be considered as being an extension of the physical memory. Click on Advanced system settings in the left column. Choose the Advanced tab.

Click the Change button. Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Step 8. Choose the Custom size to set proper paging file size for each drive. You can click the button below and get such a utility directly.

Download Now Step 1. Click the button Scan to detect the PC for outdated drivers. Restart the PC to make the newly installed driver take effect. Disable Drives Scheduled Optimization Though drives defragment and optimization is helpful to improve disk performance, it is not necessary to optimize the drives in schedule.

Right click on the C drive. If no error is found, you can try the last way. The last resort is to totally wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows You may completely back up the SSD, prepare a Windows 10 installation media, and do a clean install. Back up Windows 10 hard drive is necessary. On the one hand, all important data are safeguarded.

On the other hand, if the reinstallation does not help at all, you do have a chance to return to your previous Windows 10 to avoid the troublesome system settings and application installations.

Choose a hard disk as the target disk. It is important to know that all data on the target disk will be removed for a successful disk clone. Continuing to the next page, you see several copy options are listed here. Select the desired options you want and go on. When coming across the “how to boot from the new disk” message, read it carefully and click Finish.

Second Move: Reinstall Windows Download Windows 10 media creation tool to create a Windows 10 installation media. Connect the installation media you just prepared and follow the installation process to complete. When you see “Where do you want to install Windows”, select each partition to do the deletion and then choose the unallocated space to do a clean install. Now you can check whether Windows 10 high disk usage is reduced. If NOT, replace the hard drive by using the backup copy and check if this drive gives better performance if so, the original hard drive may be failing.

I tried the second one, and it worked like magic. Try these ways out! Here comes to the end of this post. You may try them one by one. Hope they are helpful. If you have any question or better suggestion, leave it in the following comment section or send email to [email protected]. We read every thread! Rodin is an enthusiastic IT writer focusing on Windows trends, disk partition management and data recovery.

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User Comments : Post Comment. What should you do to get rid of the stuck issue? Go to find various ways from this post now. Fortunately, here are five workarounds you can try out below. Yes, you read that right.

The easiest working fix is to wait for some time. This is actually the method that some of Microsoft’s support technicians advise. The system may take some time to complete these tasks depending on the number of programs installed on your PC. Thus, to let your computer boot properly, the first thing you can do is to wait until the system tasks are finished. However, if you still see the screen, you should try other solutions to troubleshoot getting Windows ready Windows 10 loop or Windows 11 getting ready stuck.

Power resetting your PC can clear all the information in the memory, but this won’t damage the disk data. This method could help fix certain corruption issues on the computer. Step 2 : Disconnect all peripheral devices including USB flash drives, external hard drives, earphones, etc. Also, unplug the power cable or adapter from your PC. Step 3 : If you are using a laptop and the battery is detachable, remove the battery from the battery compartment.

Step 4 : Press and hold the Power button on your computer for about 30 seconds to drain all the remnant charge from the capacitors. Step 5: Connect the power cable back to the PC or insert the battery into your laptop.

However, don not re-plug any of the USB devices. Step 6: Press the Power button to boot your PC. Configure the language, time, keyboard method, and click Repair your computer. If you have a system image, choose System Image Recovery under the Advanced options tab.

Then, restore your computer to its earlier state using the image backup. Free Download. Sometimes Window’s need to get ready for update at every reboot may be caused by the corrupted files on your computer. Step 1 : In the same way as above, insert the installation disc or USB drive into your PC and boot it from this drive.


7 Solutions to Fix Getting Windows Ready Stuck in Windows 10/11 – What is 100% Disk Usage Error?


Have you ever faced the disk usage windows 10 reddit? You can see this problem in the task manager in the tab of process and performance. This problem relates to lagging windows 10 in computer or laptop.

Unconscious, if you restart the system of laptop and computer you can solve several problems. It can happen in windows If your disk reaches usages, you should try these tips. After you open your computer again, you check the disk. If it is still disk usage, you can try other tips to resolve the problem. Windows search has a function to find the document or file quickly. Windows generally detect all files that can make the performance of your laptop too bad.

You have to disable the windows search by following those steps. Another solution to fix the disk usage windows 10 reddit is you should change the energy to high performance. The step to change it, firstly you find the power option then choose to reset the change plan settings and the last you select the high performance. If you update the windows or reinstall the windows is generally to solve or fix the problem, one of them is to optimize the disk usage and check the update and security to know the latest updates.

Then you click the windows update. Usually, the computer or laptop can be up to disk usage windows 10 reddit, caused by malware or virus. If you have antivirus, you should check it. It can help you to detect the malicious software in your computer or laptop. Superfect sometimes can help the windows to be faster. It can start creating search loops and thus generate a disk usage error. Check if the issue has been resolved. Please note that restarting your Windows system will restart the search functionality.

You can permanently disable the Windows Search functionality. Here are the steps you can follow —. The SuperFetch functionality will help you lets you decrease the boot time by loading the must load programs faster. However, it has been found to affect the disk performance in Windows 8 or higher operating system versions. The inbuilt check disk utility can be helpful enough to check and repair your disk. Virtual Memory would use your hard disk as RAM and use it for running a host of programs.

One of the significant culprits would be the pagefile. Resetting your virtual memory can help you address the concern effectively. A specific combination of settings on Google Chrome and Skype have been observed to be affecting the disk performance. You can find the steps involved here below.

Always search file names and contents this might take several minutes. Windows 10 laptops and computers use the SATA connectors for the hard drives and optical drives. You can upgrade the drivers to fix the issue with your SATA drives. Here is how you would be able to do it —. You can reboot the computer for the changes to take effect. If the problem is not resolved, it could well be an indication that the computer may be facing hardware issues.

The most common culprit in such a case would be the hard drive. By IG Share. What’s your reaction? In Love. Not Sure. Previous How to Fix Windows 10 error 0xffff 0xcf3 and 0x80d You may also like. Windows 10 Where do I right-click to get the taskbar menu when the taskbar is full? By Das. Comments are closed. More in: Windows Windows How to Resolve — Windows 10 Search not loading, showing blank window That should be one of the most common issues that you may come across when Interview Questions.

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