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Microsoft Teams for Education provides templates designed for unique education scenarios, such as classroom teaching.


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Make your website better. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for those…. With Microsoft Teams premium plans, you get the virtual meeting app plus access to other Microsoft software, which only adds to the value you receive. When the pandemic brought many industries to a halt, Core Fitness Miami pivoted to using Teams for virtual training sessions.


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We are back with another post that will hopefully bring you a bit closer to your remote collaboration goals. You and your team can use it for quick check-in calls between two people or for org-wide meetings. Microsoft Teams Meetings let you gather the team no matter where you are without having to use an external virtual meeting service. If you are in a management position in your company, you might want to tweak Meetings settings and permissions. For example, you may want to restrict who in your company can start and schedule meetings.

Read our complete guide to Teams channels here. You can create a policy that will restrict all regular and guest users from starting their own meetings:.

You will land in a window that lets you name the policy, provide a brief description for other admin, and choose which restrictions to add to this policy.

Now that policy will apply to all your regular users. By default, when you start or schedule an MS Teams Meeting, the meeting organizer, presenters, and regular attendees will have certain permissions:. You will be redirected to a window in your browser where you can add presenters and organizers to your meeting:. Here you can add required attendees, add more than one channel to the meeting, or even jot down an agenda for your attendees to look at beforehand.

Now that the meeting is scheduled, your team members can join the meeting a few different ways:. If you send an invite link from a meeting in progress or a scheduled meeting to anyone in your MS Teams workspace, they will receive a personal notification. In a perfect world, everyone you need to connect with has a Microsoft Teams account. Fret not, anyone with access to the World Wide Web and an email address can join a Microsoft Teams meeting!

Now what if your external attendees are not familiar with virtual meetings at all and need help joining the meeting? To start a meeting on the spot from your mobile device, find the video camera icon in one of two places:. And guess what—adding presenters to your meeting is WAY easier on your mobile app. To change who can share their screen, as well as manage other meeting settings, follow these steps:. Basically, if you have to step away from the office and conduct a meeting from your phone, you can do all the same things you could from your computer or laptop.

You can even transfer a meeting in progress from your computer to your phone—find out how at the end of this post. MS Teams Meetings have a whole host of great tools embedded in the top toolbar to help you make the most of your meeting time:. And hey, if you are an administrator that values thoughtfully crafted and feature-rich collaboration with your team, Perfect Wiki has everything you need to create a shared body of company knowledge right in Microsoft Teams. Install our collaboration workspace right to your MS teams channels in less than a minute for FREE, no credit card required.

If your remote meetings are going to be a substitute for in-person collaboration, you will without a doubt need to share presentations and documents with the team. Microsoft Teams has a feature for that—you can share your screen with your attendees, or grant other users the permission to share theirs refer to the first part of the article to find out how.

You can share a lot more than just a slide deck—with Microsoft Teams you can share files, apps on your PC, or browser windows for all attendees to see.

Be sure to send a message to your attendees in the meeting chat and let them know you are recording. Someone might need a second to fix their hair or remove their dog from the frame!

You can stop recording at any time. The last thing you want when you ask a question is for attendees to all start unmuting themselves and talking at once. You can get all these features in the bottom toolbar of the chat window. Two important chat features we want to highlight are file attachments and live components.

You can upload a file from OneDrive or from your device. Live components are a great way to set the plan for your meeting with your team and check topics as you go. Microsoft Teams has plenty of virtual backgrounds that do the cleaning for you, and add a bit of pizazz and personality to your daily calls. Unlike some virtual meeting apps, the MS Teams backgrounds work quite well without a green screen or monochrome background.

Custom backgrounds are a great idea for companies that value brand unity—in our experience, they help make calls with customers and external vendors much more professional! Microsoft Teams Meetings has a feature for that. Use noise suppression to block out external sounds.

If you want your meeting attendees to hear your background sounds e. Recording your meeting attendance is not just important for company accountability, it also helps you keep track of who was present for important decisions and customer calls.

If you value punctuality and want to prevent people from entering a Microsoft Teams meeting after it has started, you can lock the meeting:. Are you in a team meeting from your laptop, but you need to run an urgent errand while staying connected? Breaking up your large meeting into smaller groups is also a great way to do focus group brainstorming.

Once your set time limit runs out, the breakout rooms will close and everyone will automatically return to the general meeting room. To set up breakout rooms for a meeting in advance, schedule a meeting the way you normally would in a channel learn how to schedule meetings here , and after scheduling follow these steps:. We covered screen sharing earlier in this post, but we saved the best part for last—the Microsoft Whiteboard. Congrats on completing our mini-course on Microsoft Teams Meetings!

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Published on February 28, Published on February 11, Add Perfect Wiki to Teams. Note: Most of the tips in this post are intended for MS Teams users with an admin account. Note: These settings will only apply to the current meeting. Note: While only organizers and presenters can start recording a meeting, anyone in your organization so anyone from your MS Teams workspace can stop recording.

Note: Microsoft Teams will let you mute yourself and turn off your camera before you join the meeting from your second device. Note: Only the meeting organizer can create and manage breakout rooms. Pro tip: Breakout rooms can also be used when you need to have a quick one-on-one chat with someone in the meeting. On this page. Related articles. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more.