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Browse More by Rockstar Games. RDR2: Companion. Bully: Anniversary Edition. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Similar Games. Max Payne Mobile. The closest games have come to recreating an authentic-feeling, huge city.

Not just authentic in its design, but authentic in its vibrant atmosphere, an effect achieved through the actions of its pedestrians right down to the detailed and carefully considered ambient sound effects. It was an absolute triumph of design. So yes, it was a great game and, as with so many such great games that sell ridiculous amounts, it’s been blessed by extra material, namely the two new episodes: The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Both of which, naturally, were feverishly received as yet more proof of the original game’s godlike status. And from March, we PC gamers be able to take a more reasoned view of the new episodes. Like your usual expansions, the Episodes don’t feature any vast changes to what went before.

You’re going to get more of what you had before, but this time you’re getting it with the usual Rockstar flair and panache.

There’s even a bit of controversy to be getting on with too, with fans of full frontal male nudity in for a treat In general, both expansions bring the same sort of thing to the table, but let’s have a look at the specifics. The Lost and the Damned came first and brought a slew of new weapons to GTA4: grenade launchers, automatic pistols and a broken pool cue add to the fun.

His tale is one of loyalty, betrayal and riding on bikes listening to extreme metal see Cavalera Conspiracy. You’ll be doing this for a relatively long time too, as there’s around hours worth of play here, not including the new multiplayer modes, of which Chopper vs Chopper looks to be the most interesting one. Perhaps taken straight from the Multi -Theft Auto mod series, this is where one guy in a helicopter chases another on a bike, attempting to prevent the latter from getting through a set of checkpoints.

I Like The Lost. Ballad’s storyline is extensive and sometimes interweaves with that of the original game. For example, this one starts out with your Character, a member of the Dominican drug cartel and bodyguard of the titular Gay Tony, trapped in the bank Niko Bellic robs, Heatstyle, in the middle of the main game’s plot.

As well as the new story, a few other things were either introduced or brought back from previous games, such as the base jumping from San Andreas or the ability to replay missions to achieve a better score the first time this has appeared in the series since GTA: Chinatown Wars.

One of the criticisms of the original Grand Theft Auto 4 was that it was bipolar – a serious story mixed into the ludicrous, comical world of Grand Theft Auto. Gay Tony leans more to the latter side of things and will be a bit of light relief for players. When all’s said and done, it’s just a question of how well the Episodes will be transported to the PC, rather than how good they’re going to be.

We know how good they are from playing the console releases, but the PC release is usually the definitive version, with better visuals, radio options and such. We’d like to think Rockstar have learned plenty of lessons from the debacle of GTA4’s original PC release, hoping this gets a much smoother introduction to our beloved platform. Nobody wants the memory of GTA4 to be soured permanently by a shoddy port, so it’s important Rockstar do their creation justice and give us something to remember it fondly by.

Inside ‘s Re-Drawn and re-imagined Liberty City, Rockstar declined to change the shape, structure and content of the game, or even the average mission. Niko Bellic’s freedom to roam around the city was comfortably stifled by constant prompts telling him what to do next, whether it was getting in a car, following the mini-map, losing the cops, or shooting a man with an arrow floating above his head.

Grand Theft Auto IV s sandbox element was mainly punching women’s shopping out of their hands. Gunplay was never the game’s strongest card and GTA4’s new cover mechanics did little to enhance it. Now, you just slog along the odd corridor with your back to the wall, instead of facing it.

Let’s not be too down: it’s important to remember what GTA does with majestic, and rarely equalled, excellence: tell stories in a way that makes you feel. Take GTA4: Brucie was a charming mentalist, and the futility of his missions was a superbly deflating payoff. The constant pestering of your phone might have been frustrating, but it created bonds with certain characters that gave their eventual betrayal a genuine sting.

The much-vaunted openness of Liberty City – and the dry and meaningless A cliche that it was “living and breathing” – paled next to the lives of its mission-dispensing stars. They might not be sympathetic characters, but they’re never boring, and they’re dripping with satire that the tabloids never acknowledged. With Rockstar’s skilled writers providing redundant reams of character dialogue and satirical radio chat, Episodes From Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories develops the game’s strongest assets admirably – and even fixes one of the more tedious problems of GTA4 with mid-mission checkpoints.

The release as two chapters that are playable independently of one other and GTA4, even makes sense of the game’s bipolar attitude to gritty realism and OTT dick-waving.

If you want real, get on your bike. If you want to jump out of a golden helicopter, go gay. He’s been acting up while the proper boss, Billy, went through rehab. During this time, he negotiated a ceasefire with the rival gang and got the business side of the gang selling drugs, naturally sorted. Basically, he’s greatly improved the standard and expected life expectancy of the average gang member’s life. But this isn’t a situation that pleases Billy when he returns.

He doesn’t own a Biker to Pussy translating dictionary, so he’s not sure what “ceasefire” means. And he isn’t prone to respecting the boundaries of his enemy’s territory. So that’s the journey you take on in The Lost. This tense relationship is so expertly written, and with such self-control, that you’ll wince at the constant anticipation of Lost-on-Lost violence that’s being saved for the finale.

In terms of what you do in the world, few things change. You ride as part of a pack now, and riding over the icon that appears in the centre of the pack triggers bonus dialogue that you’d normally get from being in a car. The pack mentality extends to your members – they’re not a lot of nameless, faceless people.

If someone dies, they stay dead. If they’re replaced, it’ll be with less helpful rookies. Group AI and health is always something of an opaque art in GTA4 – it’s difficult to tell what help your friends are actually offering, or what damage they’re taking. You often suspect they’re simply there to add to the spectacle, rather than the battle. More of the same, but with new characters that wouldn’t fit into the main story.

Rockstar aren’t selling you the last level they didn’t finish by deadline. The Ballad Of Gay Tony is a very different beast. When I say that, I don’t mean it’s a different game: you’ll still be driving to waypoints, and you’ll still have 25 side missions called Gang Wars.

But the tone is bolder, the pace is faster, the music is camper, and ii the characters are bigger. Gay Tony isn’t even the star of the show, which shows considerable restraint: it’d be all to easy for Rockstar to pander to their target audience and turn him into a comedy flamer, so kudos for filling out his character.

Admittedly, he’s pill and coke-addled, a lousy businessman and no role model, but if you come to GTA for your role models, you need taking out of society right now.



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