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13 Tips to Windows 11/Windows 10 Very Slow and Unresponsive

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It feels irritating due to sluggish performance. In this article, you will check out some useful tricks and workarounds that will help to fix slow Windows 10 and boost the performance of your system. Once you install new software it does create new files into C drive by default , registry entries, services, and many other tasks that may be running in the background eating RAM and CPU.

Having tons of software installed on a PC also makes your Windows 10 Slow. Apart from adjusting the settings, you will also get to know different tweaks to fix slow computers. After making the following changes, you will notice the high speed of your PC. There are some PC tuneup software are available but they do minimal work and some ask you to shed cash on their apps.

This tuneup software can remove the junk from your computer, can delete unused registry entries, or help you to remove the leftover of uninstalled programs. But software cannot adjust the settings of your Windows 10, you have to manually change these settings to make Windows 10 faster again. Improvisation, making things more interesting and attractive leads to more energy consumption. Here, Windows has improved a lot in terms of attractiveness then simultaneously, it uses more power, extra RAM space, and slows down the functionality.

Follow these steps to disable the animations and effects to improve the performance of Windows Type sysdm. The system properties window will pop up. Here switch to the Advanced tab, and then click on the Settings button which you can see under the Performance section. A new window will appear on which you can choose the settings you want to use for the appearance and performance of Windows 10 on this computer.

Click on Apply button to make changes. If you want to improve windows 10 performance by keeping a better appearance then you can uncheck the following options. Once you uncheck the given options then you will definitely notice major improvements in the performance and it will also improve the gaming experience.

Did you know there are many unnecessary programs that startup with windows and slow down the system performance? Yes, there are such programs but no need to worry about it as they can be disabled.

Disabling such programs is a very easy task with the below steps. Open Task Manager by right-clicking on the Start button and from the options click on Task Manager to launch it. Click on the Startup tab and choose unwanted startup programs from the list and hit the disable button to disable these startup programs.

Now, you need to restart your computer to apply the changes. Restart later after doing everything mentioned in this article. You will definitely notice the change in the processing speed of your Windows 10 PC. You will find this idea very useful and fruitful when once you try this on your system. With my experience, I would advise you to follow this step which will lead to speed up the processing of files and folders.

It will launch the Folder Options window. Here you need to click on the Options which is listed at the end. Alternatively , you can also search Folder Options in the Start menu search bar, and when you see it in search click to launch it quickly. It will launch another File Explorer Options window. Once done, click on Apply button and then OK.

If you love performance more than looks then should try this option. Microsoft introduces the transparency feature in Windows 7 and improvises for Windows 10 to maintain the beauty factor. You can disable this by using simple steps mentioned below. Try this out:. Launch the Settings apps from the Start Menu of Windows After that click on the Personalization and then click on the Colors options on the left panel. On the right pane, look for. This is one of the useful pieces of information which every Windows 10 user must know.

In this case, the system memory will burst out, which in return cause issues. So it is highly advisable to maintain at least ten percent of the total space free to maintain the performance. If your windows 10 running slow then remove data that is not required, make a backup of movies, photos, and videos on an external drive. To remove temporary and other unnecessary files, make a habit of using Disk Cleanup utility.

I love the notification sound of my laptop when it reminds me of the low battery power but I do not like it much when it is not required such as while plugging or unplugging the flash drive. You can disable all or some of these sound notifications. Alternatively, Make a right-click on the Sound icon in the notification area at the bottom-right side of the screen, and from the options click on Sounds to launch the system sounds setting window. In the Sound window, choose None from the sounds dropdown list after selecting the desired program which you want to disable.

In case, you wish to disable the sounds from all notifications then you can also choose No Sounds from Sound Scheme. You must be aware of the applications installed in your system but, in Windows 10, there are some pre-installed modern apps that keep themselves running in the background and make Windows 10 slow.

Here are few options which can help you in uninstalling the apps. There are different pre-installed apps that you might not be using, you can uninstall those apps in order to save computing resources and some space to fix slow Windows When you start your Windows computer it does load certain services from Microsoft as well as from third-party software installed into your computer.

It may cause a slow startup and shutdown of Windows Also, Windows deploy minimal resources to start your computer as the number of CPU cores to start the Windows. By default, it is set to use only 2 cores of CPU even if you are running an octa-core processor. Type in msconfig and hit OK. You will get the System Configuration Window. Click on the Boot tab and select your operating system.

Now click on Advanced options. Check the box beside the Number of processors and select the maximum available cores on your PC. Also, check the Maximum Memory option and it will automatically select the maximum memory depending on the size of RAM into your computer.

Now go to Services Tab and check the option to Hide all Microsoft services. You will now see the services by third-party software. Here you can untick most of the services except antivirus and some programs which need to run at startup.

After making the changes you need to click on Apply then OK. Restart the computer to make changes effective. To make your PC friendlier to you, Operating System collects information regarding you at the backend such as your typing behavior, account information, credentials. But it is true that the whole process also affects overall system performance. You can configure the privacy settings in Windows 10 which improves the performance of your system.

Normally, you can manage privacy settings during the time of installation, but in case, you have not done that during the installation, you can still configure privacy settings. Here is what you need to do:. Here you will find privacy settings for all the components of the Windows 10 operating system. It is up to you which privacy settings you want to disable.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are some other tips which you must follow to improve the overall performance of the Windows 10 PC which are:. Time passes, we grow and growth is required in every part. Only up-gradation of software and the operating system will not help you in improving the system performance.

The hardware needs to match the requirement of upgraded software. This solution can give your system another few years of life. However, we suggest you upgrade the system hardware from time to time as well. To find out your system information. Under System summary, you will find out all the details about your system.

Also, you will get an idea of what hardware is outdated. Also, the minimum system requirement for installing Windows 10 according to Microsoft is as follow:. If you are using an old hard disk then upgrade to a modern SSD to fix slow pc performance. SSD will increase the read-write speed hence a fast and smooth PC experience. Every Windows users face a slow PC performance, you need to optimize it from time to time.

So these are some of the tips which you can follow to fix a slow-running Windows 10 PC. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Here are the settings you need to adjust. Disable Animations and Effects Improvisation, making things more interesting and attractive leads to more energy consumption. A new window will appear on which you can choose the settings you want to use for the appearance and performance of Windows 10 on this computer 3.

Animate controls and elements inside windows. Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing. Animations in the taskbar. Fade or slide menus into view.


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Most computer users are eventually faced with the same problem: slow computer after several months of use. Computer novices start wondering whether they already need a new computer or perhaps there is still hope and they can call a technician who will upgrade whatever there is to upgrade.

You just need to know which tools to use. So, here is a list of top 10 free programs that will make your old PC run as good as new. CCleaner makes your computer faster by finding and removing all the junk that accumulates over time — stuff like temporary Internet files, Windows temporary files, cookies, browsing history, etc.

Well, you get the idea. CCleaner also has a registry cleaner, a startup manager, and an uninstall manager. All of them work well enough and can be used for quick PC maintenance.

One of the most popular defragmenters out there. With its help you can defragment files and free space to speed up file access and move the system files to the beginning of the disk, so that your computer will boot faster. Another nice addition to all its functions is the ability to personalize Disk Defrag by using its color themes. Having too many startup entries can significantly increase Windows boot time. So if you have to wait for ages for Windows to load, your startup entries might be responsible for that.

Autoruns is a terrific utility that shows you which programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them. These programs include the ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. You can configure Autoruns to show other locations, including Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more.

Autoruns is very easy to use — if you want to disable an auto-start entry, just uncheck its check box. If you want to delete an auto-start configuration entry, use the Delete menu item or toolbar button. Having too many programs can take up a lot of system resources. Revo Uninstaller is a small, but powerful utility that ranks number 1 in the Uninstallers category on Download. When you launch Revo, you will be presenter with the list of installed software.

Wondering how to speed up your computer by fixing the registry? Registry errors often cause instability and slow computer performance. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a tool that will find and fix most registry errors, thus making your computer faster and more stable. Most computer users connect various devices to their computer pretty frequently — USB flash drives, digital cameras, mobile phones, webcams, plus printers and scanners. When a device gets connected for the first time, you either install device drivers from a CD or they get installed automatically.

Unfortunately, drivers can become outdated and become absolutely useless the moment you stop using the device.

Outdated drivers and driver leftovers can lead to system instability and startup problems. Driver Sweeper is a tool that will help you to update or remove your device drivers. Driver Sweeper comes in two versions —classic one with an installer and portable.

If you are an active computer user, then most likely you have a lot of duplicate files that could be deleted to save disk space. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a lightweight free utility that can do just that — find and delete unneeded copies.

One of the best features of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is that it can match files by content. Secunia PSI is a very handy tool that will help you keep your computer secure and potentially speed up applications.

The software detects vulnerable and outdated programs and plug-ins which expose your PC to attacks. The solution is to apply patches, but going from website to website and downloading patches for numerous applications can be a tedious job. Secunia PSI automates this and alerts you when your programs and plug-ins require updating to stay secure. Patching software can also help you fix a slow computer because outdated programs often cause your software to become slower and less stable.

Strictly speaking, Foxit Reader is not a speed-up tool at all. Nevertheless, it will greatly improve your productivity, especially if you work with PDFs a lot. Unlike the bloated Adobe Reader, Foxit is lightweight, fast, and has some useful features like multimedia support, tabbed PDF browsing, and content-sharing options.

So if your computer is not very powerful, Chrome is the browser for you. Interesting post. Would love to find more resources like this. I will have a look at your blogroll — hope you have one! I appreciate the info in the article s provided. In my right-brain approach to using my P. I remain clueless due to the complicated and invisible workings within. Your communicating these obscure-to-me concepts is evidence of exceptional skill, both your computer knowledge and ability to articulate it to others not so like-minded.

Mac OS X has become one of the most popular operating systems for its unique integrated features and performance. The points which you have included in your post is really beneficial. There are many third party tool available in market which helps to keep your Mac fast e.

Nice article and good info. It works well as an over all virus, rootkit, malware etc cleaner. Good, but not what I was looking for.

Like me. After reading about the programs suggested — by the looks of the comments here appear that they are not actually freeware…?? Some of them have more advanced paid versions, but you can stick with the free ones, buying paid versions is not required. Great list of programs for making your computer faster. The top 2 tips I would add to this list cause there a LOT of software tips are be sure to scan your PC for malware like adware and viruses.

Also avoid browser tooblars! Are you sure it repairs free? Becasue i been downloading some softwarre programs and they said it cleaned your pc free but when i checked it said you had to pay a bill. Would you please send me another?

Thx Jerry. Im trying to update my drivers on my computer and I do not have the disk that they wont me to use. I bought the computer used and I would like to know how to fix the out of date drivers for free. There has to be something that I can do to fix my computer without having to spend money that I dont have. I forgot to mention in previous message I was trying to purchace the premium boost speed because the features seemed like they might be occasionally useful.

Now if you could come up with a program that can clean up or restore corrupt or distorted mp3 music files ruined because an idiot tech told me to set WMP streaming at low quality setting. Because I have 8. I still need these browsers minus the virus.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions. Perhaps you could write subsequent articles regarding this article.

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17 ways to speed up Windows 10 | Computerworld

Looking to speed up a slow laptop or PC? We reveal the key simple and free steps that anyone can take make a laptop running Windows 10, 8. Learn how to improve Windows PC performance if your device is running slowly. Windows 11Windows 10 Check for low disk space and free up space.


Laptop windows 10 running slow free download. 13 Tips to Windows 11/Windows 10 Very Slow and Unresponsive [MiniTool Tips]

May 30,  · Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Del. This will bring up your PC’s task menu. If you have a myriad of programs starting up when you log into your computer, you’ll likely have to deal with several minutes of general slow-down. Disabling startup programs will fix this replace.me: M. May 19,  · If your computer is infected with one or more viruses, this can cause your computer to run slow. Use your antivirus software to scan your computer. You can also try to remove the virus without using antivirus softwareEstimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Sometimes apps that were made for an earlier version of Windows will still run on Windows 10, but they might slow down your PC. If this happens after you open a certain program, check the software company’s website for an updated version, or run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. To run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.