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Copy and paste this code into your website. Your Link . Adobe CC Keyboard Cheat Sheet For Web Designers by Jamie Spencer [html, jpg] ( Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by Jamie Spencer [html, jpg] ( VIM Quick Reference Card by Laurent Grégoire [html, dvi, pdf, tex] ( Graphical vi-vim Cheat Sheet and. Click Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or click Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K. You will see the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog window. 2. Choose a Shortcut Type. Here you need to select a shortcut type from the “Shortcuts For:” drop-down menu. In the Application menus you can customize Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for items located in the menu bar.

Download PDF: Adobe Photoshop CC shortcuts ‒ defkey


Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will organize your workflow and help you achieve cool results faster. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend clicking through toolbars and menus editing in Photoshop?

The list of Photoshop hotkeys is rather long, but I have selected the most useful and widely-used ones below. Look through these key combinations and facilitate your image editing process. Check your email to download freebies. The original file is kept intact. If you need to add a new layer, you can use Photoshop shortcut keys instead of returning to the Layers menu and repeating the procedure from the very beginning.

However, using the Mouse Scroll, you can perform the same actions in a matter of seconds. The upward movement is equivalent to zooming in, while downward scrolling results in zooming out. Retouchers extensively use the Clone Stamp Tool and the Spot Healing Brush in Ps and there are some handy Photoshop shortcuts keyboard that can make this process even quicker.

To take advantage of the sample point of both tools, hold Opt Mac or Alt Win and then right-click. Brushes in Photoshop help to perform lots of tasks, e. No need to stop the photo editing process if it is time to change the size of a brush. Use Photoshop keyboard brackets [ or ] to make it broader or narrower. To define how much of the underlying photo you can see through the overlaid one, you need to alter the opacity of filters, layers and effects.

You can press several keys at once to get a specific percentage, e. These are probably the most frequent actions you perform in Photoshop and there is a sure way to make them quicker. Press F2 to cut a photo, F3 — to copy and F4 — to paste it. Are there pixels that you want to delete? Simple like that. When the selection part is over, and you need to click away from it, you can accidentally select something absolutely different. Not to waste time, figuring out what has gone wrong, just use helpful Photoshop CC shortcuts.

Liquify Tool is a go-to instrument whenever you need to retouch photos at a professional level, especially those featuring people. A great portion of image editing in Photoshop involves using Layer Masks, so knowing Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to invert your mask is a must.

Another helpful trick when working with Layer Masks. Press X to exchange the colors of the foreground and the background. The screen modes are responsible for the type of background displayed behind a photo and the layout of Ps interface.

In general, there are normal screen, full screen with a taskbar but without a title bar and full screen with a black background. If you work on several projects at a time, and they are all opened in Photoshop, you may easily get confused. If you feel like slightly altering a layer at the bottom of your list but are hesitant whether it is worth manually managing the rest of the layers, why not take advantage of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts?

If you want to apply changes to several layers simultaneously, you should group them. Thus, you can select, move, mask and manipulate several layers as a whole. Ps users admit that they frequently need to merge layers and transform a picture into a single layer. All the layers that are selected will be merged.

Since various online platforms and social media sites have different requirements concerning photo dimensions, photographers often need to resize one and the same image several times preserving its high quality. Type in the necessary values in the dialogue box. Experienced Photoshop users make it a habit of saving their most serious edits as the program may crash and all their efforts will go in vain. You will see the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog window. In the Application menus you can customize Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for items located in the menu bar.

Panel menus allow doing the same but with the components of the panel menus. Tools are responsible for shortcut keys for tools in the toolbox. You will see an alert, if the key combination is already assigned to another command or tool. If you are interested in generating your unique command, click on the blank space next to a command. Here you can type in your own shortcut. There will appear the Save dialog box. You can find the new shortcut keys in the pop-up menu.

Photoshop keyboard cover has helped thousands of Ps users all around the globe to learn the necessary key combinations faster. Each key has a shortcut icon, text and reference for you to see how it can speed up the image editing process. Besides, all keys belong to certain pre-defined color categories.

Another pleasant advantage of this cover is that it protects your keyboard from getting dirty. This item differs from the previous one being nor a cover, but a keyboard designed with the needs of Photoshop users in mind.

It is very thin and comes with 2 additional USB ports allowing you to attach Pen drives, mice, etc. Every serious Photoshop user, who strives to become a real pro, should definitely get this detailed manual containing the complete Photoshop shortcut keys list. All in all, there are 40 thorough sections with shortcuts logically arranged.

The book covers such topics as customization, methods to use and learn shortcuts, and more. Hi there, I’m Ann Young – a professional blogger, read more. Cheat Sheet for MAC. Thank you for download! Cheat Sheet for Windows. Photoshop CS2 Free. Photoshop CS4 Free.


Adobe photoshop cc keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet free

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